August 8, 2007

I am currently working on the “Nested Sortable Widget” that I mentioned in the last post. I wanted to be able to showcase it in this post already, but I realized I was taking too long to give out some feedback, so I decided to write just to give some news.

The widget is almost complete, but I am running some issues with pagination, which is a lot more complex than I initially thought, primarily because you can’t show exactly the same number of items per page, due to the nesting (the pagination needs to be “soft”). But I think I am on my way and should be complete in the next 2 or 3 days. Summing up it will be able to fetch a list of nested elements represented in JSON, will display it, allow the user to change the order/nesting and will send it back to the server.

In the meanwhile I created a Google Code project for the NestedSortable plugin and hosted it there.

I hope to be able to write again pretty soon, with good news!


One comment

  1. Looking forward to it 🙂

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