New Improvements in the Widget

August 21, 2007

Following Mike’s suggestions, I am now using jQuery’s slideIn() and slideOut() as the default effect for page transitions. They are being applied in parallel (the old page slides out while the next slides in). To make this change I had to do some changes to the way different parts of the widget are displayed, I believe things are “jumping up” a lot less when you change from one page to the other. I also added the possibility for the user to use his own custom functions for the transition, which can be applied in parallel or in series.

I have also added the “incremental” option, which will make the new pages that are loaded be incremented to the existing ones in the user display. This is usable by itself. My intention was to allow the user to display the list inside a scrollable div to go along with this option, but after a few tests, I am seeing the dimensions stored in the Sortables would need to be recalculated every time you scroll the div, and I am afraid making this work seamlessly could take some time and possible changes to Interface’s Sortables itself. It would probably be unbearably slow as well.

I changed the demo to showcase these and also a lot of other options that are available. The demo will now load 5 different instances of the widget.

It can be seen here.


One comment

  1. Meanwhile, I have added the Widget to the SVN repository at Google Code. Due to the fact that in the repository I am using the latest version of jQuery from SVN, I found a bug in the Highlight function of Interface, which is preventing it from working. I submitted a patch , but God only knows when/if it will be applied. I have also submitted another patch for a bug in Interface a while back, which wasn’t applied yet and I had to include the fix in the widget code.

    So, I have disabled Highlighting (that occurs when the widget is initially loaded) by default now (of course, it can be enabled in the widget config, but be sure your version is not affected by this bug).

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