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New minor version of NestedSortable

October 17, 2007

The plain Nested Sortable plugin just had its first official version shift, with a minor improvement: you can now prevent a few elements from receiving children, by applying a class to them, and make sure they will always be nodes in the tree. You can configure this using the “noNestingClass” option. Thanks for Peter for giving the idea and figuring out a simple way to do it (it took 3 lines of code).

Get it here:

jQuery 1.2 was released and it is incompatible with Interface. Some things work, some don’t, and it turns out there is a bug with jQuery 1.2 and the Sortable, in IE only (thanks n3dst4 for reporting). So I am updating my tests to use jQuery 1.1.4, and recommend you guys avoiding  jQuery 1.2 until Interface gets updated (probably never) or the new jQuery user interface plugin, jQuery UI,  is usable enough  to replace it entirely (it is still a little far from it). I wonder whether releasing jQuery 1.2, without making sure it was compatible with Interface,  or waiting until jQuery UI was fully baked, was a good move. It might hurt jQuery popularity, since its current version doesn’t have a decent set of UI plugins (Interface being incompatible and jQuery UI pre-alpha), the first thing people look for when using a JS library.

So, in the not so distant future, I might need to update NestedSortable plugins to use jQuery UI, instead of Interface. It will be a good excuse for a 2.0 version…